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      Ningbo Xuyou Filter Manufacturing Co.,Ltd (Xuyou Filter for short) is located in the provincial-level industrial development zone in Zhenhai district, Ningbo. Covering an area of 32,000 square meters, Xuyou Filter consists of six wholly-owned subsidiaries including Ningbo Xuyou Communications Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd, Ninghai  Internal  Combustion Engine Filter Factory, Xuyou Stamping Parts Factory, Xuyou Mold Factory, Shanghai Youyuan Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd and Shanghai Xuyou Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd.

      As the development partner of automobile factories and the biggest auto-parts suppliers in filter industry in China, Xuyou Filter has come up with an innovative transport solution which aims to clean the air and improve the efficiency of the fuel. Xuyou Filter composes of three business units: engine filter system, passenger vehicle interior system and passenger vehicle electrical system.

      Specialized in research, development, manufacture and marketing, our company boasts advanced production equipment and check equipment. In 2016, we have produced 60 million filters including oil filters, fuel filters, air filters and cabin air filters, 30 million stamping parts and 30 million injection moldings. Our products are mainly for the first-round match-up of Changan Ford, FAW-VW, Shanghai VW, Shanghai General Motor, Saic Motor, Ford Nanjing Mazda, GAC Motor and BYD, and the second-round match-up of Yapp, Bondi, Adah, Faurecia, Yanfeng Johnson Controls, Fuwei Johnson Controls and Franycis Sideco. We have moved forward with the best wishes continually---the leader of filter industry.